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Fantasy football fundraiser HWHC
Sign up for HWHC's Premier Fantasy Football League!

Sign up for HWHC’s Premier Fantasy Football League!

Ahead of the Premier League kick off this Saturday 13th August , show your commitment to Friday afternoon work procrastination by signing up to the HWHC fundraiser league.

Entry costs £20 and half will be donated to HWHC.

Sign up or login at https://fantasy.premierleague.com.

To join our private league click on 'Leagues' with the code 1494271-367207

PRIZES! Half of the jackpot will be awarded to the worthy champion with the most points. But, if words like 'champion' sound too much like hard work then you're in luck. The other half of the jackpot will go to the top placed team amongst 'casual' players (teams with under 10 transfers). You can set up a team, make a few knee-jerk transfers in the first month and then never look at it again and still walk away with the same prize as the person who spent hours deliberating the order of substitutes and support our hockey club all at the same time. What's not to like?

Join the league now and please email us your name so we can collect the entry fees over the coming weeks.