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Veterans Hockey

Welcome to Hampstead and Westminster Hockey Club’s Veterans section.

Here at HWHC, we firmly believe that just because you’re the "wrong" side of 40, it doesn't mean your hockey career is over! Or that you can't get the same enjoyment from the game as you did when you were younger.

Hampstead & Westminster Hockey Club offers a continuing good standard of hockey and the opportunity to be part of a club with 9 men’s teams and 7 Ladies teams, ranging from elite to beginner. With over 20 nationalities at the club last year, we welcome players from all parts of the UK and all over the world!

HWHC currently run three Veterans teams – Over 40s (Vets), Over 50s (SuperVets), and Over 60s (LX).

The Vets play in the Higgins Vets Division 1, arguably the strongest Veterans Hockey league in the country, so you are guaranteed a competitive game of hockey every Saturday.

The Supervets and LXs also play in the Higgins League for their respective age groups.  The standard is still competitive but the ethos is a bit more relaxed. Either way, the focus is on enjoying hockey both on and off the pitch.

We also offer training sessions, where you can benefit from being coached by current 1st XI players, who are often current international players with accredited coaching qualifications. You are never too old to learn new tricks!

HWHC also support a burgeoning hockey ‘Masters’ scene with several players represented in Regional and International Masters’ tournaments!

However please do not be put off if you have not played for a long time.  It frequently happens that players give the game up for a few seasons due to work or family commitments but they now have a chance to get back into the game and we’d like to give you the chance to do that.  Come along to a training session and see how you get on.  Or over the summer we run a number of casual games that are a good opportunity to dust off the stick and get back out there!

For further details please contact:

Vets (O40s):  Will Saxby - williamsaxby@gmail.com

SuperVets (O50s):  Charles Packe  - consultancycp@aol.co.uk

LX (O60s): Henrik Kjellin - henrikkjellin@me.com


What kit do I need?
A white shirt, blue shorts and blue socks will suffice initially but if you want to play regularly you should order the proper Club kit

Can I join midway through the season?
Yes, you can join any time from September to April and we will adjust subs accordingly.