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Men's 1s Neil Hamilton
HWHC Fantasy Hockey Dream Team 14/15 – WINNERS!

HWHC Fantasy Hockey Dream Team 14/15 – WINNERS!

After an epicly long season (bloody mixed XI making it all the way to the final!) of HWHC Fantasy Hockey, we have a top three... And after leading for almost the entire season, Edo held on to claim top spot, and Manager of the season. Oversized comedy cheques are in the post!

1. Jamie Edington  -  1215
2. Richard Hildreth  -  1205
3. Simon Daws  - 1161
We also ran Manager of the Month since Christmas with each manager picking up a little £10 bonus...
January - Edo
February - Sheridan Leech
March - Alex Smart
And if you were more interested in who were the best XI players.
Rochelle Gianfrancesco  (L1)  129
Neil Hamilton (M1/2) 245
Annebeth Wijtenberg (L1) 181
Tom Smith (Zak Hond) 140
Karen Horton (L5) 127
Carl Smith (Zak Hond) 130
David Chubb (Vets) 109
Boudewijn Dierick (M2) 101
Antoine Elias (Hammers) 100
Wendy Campbell (L5) 149
Dom Richardson (Thirsts/Vets) 131


Thanks to all the teams who have dutifully sent their results over (mostly) on time each week and thanks to the Men's 6s for processing them!

See you next season.