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Match Reports

6th January 2018

Ladies 7s

It was a cold and crisp early start for the ladies 7s for their first game of 2018.

Determined to uphold their infrangible winning streak, fearless optimist Anna teamed up with rugged mountain man Kristoff and his loyal reindeer Sven and set off on an epic journey to find Anna's sister Elsa, whose icy powers have trapped the kingdom of Arendelle in eternal winter. Oh no wait, that's the other Frozen! Back to the Maida Vale version...

In true L7s style, there was general confusion right from the get go. Was the game at midday? Were we on the water pitch? Would Katie's delivery come in time? Would Nisrine show up before push back? A simple 'no' covered all those conundrums. 

Luckily we all realised the game was at 10:30am in time to set our alarms and be at the pitch for 9:30am. Well, 4 of us did anyway, and against the odds, we were actually delighted to find out we were on the Tiger seen as it was marginally less frozen than the ice rink opposite! 

With the stabbing pains in our fingers diminishing (having moved the goals with no gloves on), we were raring to play (if you exclude our eternal optimist Ella that is). The oppo arrived with only 8 players, so in the true spirit of Christmas, and probably a bit stupidly, we donated 2 of our finest to even up the match. A well structured & thoughtful vote (made in all of 30 seconds because they weren't there to argue the point) saw Katie and Niz defecting. Katie, taking on the role with a little too much enthusiasm, very nearly scored for the oppo. (That b***h ain't loyallll!) To be fair she was just proving to her teammates that she truly is the HWHC 7s defensive nuts, and never again should we part with her undoubted talent. Not sure who's going to tell her that we've actually sold her to West Hampstead Hockey Club for a bag of warm gloves and a tube of poly-filler to patch the Tiger. #Awks!

Anyway, I digress, and not only because I got drunk a couple of times between the game and writing this report so I don't remember what actually happened anymore! : / There were definitely goals! 5 of them to be precise. The legend that is Anna didn't feel like stopping at three. Spurred on by cheers for her hat-trick, alongside Ella's dulcet Belfast tones shouting out "who's Patrick?", she smashed in another one for good measure. Greasley, not wanting to be outdone, thought she'd give the goal scoring thing a go too. One of the four attempts actually making it to the back of the net. (A hat-trick is a hat-trick right, whether it consists of goals or spectacular misses!?)

The mids did a sterling job running the ball up the pitch and we were unlucky to not get a few more in the net. Kim Mason scored a real beauty, but sadly it was struck from just outside the D, and even more sadly, the umpire noticed! Kim Hay let the Christmas break interfere with her legendary foot-foul tally and only mustered up the one effort during the game. There's plenty more games though Kim, so don't be too disappointed! 

Not wanting to be upstaged, Sophie went for a different tactical foul, opting for attempted murder instead of the regular stick tackle or obstruction. Luckily she chose to violently volley the ball into a girl half a meter away, who must have been made of stone, as there was definitely a dull thud and distant gasps, but ultimately no need for a CSI team. 

The defence held strong and the game ended with a 5-0 win, reinforcing the L7s unstoppable form this season. Only one thing left to do..hit the pub and club to celebrate smug style!

Big thanks to Russ and Ella for supporting us in the freezing cold weather! It was most appreciated!

Special mention to Jenny's headband. If you can't beat them with skill, try blinding them with colour! ; ) Immy, yours is still the headband of legends though so don't feel slighted in any way!