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Data Protection & Privacy Policy

Data Protection & Privacy Policy

By using this website you agree to honour our terms and conditions. When you visit our site, we will not obtain personally identifying information about you unless you choose to provide such information to us. However all members will be expected to sign up in the members area as part of being a member of HWHC. Access to the login area of the members only area and online community is restricted to HWHC members (HWHC members are defined as current playing members, past playing members or social members of HWHC). Details about HWHC members are stored in accordance with the 1998 Data Protection Act on a secure database for specific uses and users.

Data Protection

Information will be held securely on the HWHC database in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.  This data is used by administrators of HWHC and is to support and promote links between HWHC members whether playing or non playing.
These uses include: the mailing and emailing of news; promotion of relevant opportunities, benefits, services and events; friend-finding; enabling members to give back to HWHC and its past, present and future players through supporting recruitment, volunteering initiatives, fundraising and research within the community. The data will not be disclosed to external organisations other than those acting in their capacity of an agent of HWHC, unless legally required by law enforcement agencies.
We will always keep records for historical and statistical purposes (and statistics will always be anonymous and unattributable), however, if you do not wish your contact details (addresses, telephone, faxes, emails) to be used for these purposes, or if you prefer to restrict their uses to specific activities listed above, please contact us at info@hwhc.co.uk, or write to the Data Officer, PO Box 70387, London, SE1P 4UP.
We have a duty of care to keep data up-to-date in accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998, so we will contact you periodically if the details we have for you appear to be out-of-date. You can always update your details directly by logging in and visiting your profile update form.
Please be aware that we may need to alter our data protection policies in line with Governmental policy. You should periodically check this statement to make sure that you agree to the terms and conditions listed.

Website use and accessibility

Use of Links

We may provide links throughout our website to other servers which may contain information of interest to our readers. We take no responsibility for, and exercise no control over, the organisations’ views or the accuracy of the information contained on other servers. Creating a text link from your website to our site does not require permission. If you have a link you'd like us to consider adding to our website, please send an email to newjoiners@hwhc.co.uk  with the subject "Link request" and tell us about your website. No linked site would have any access to the personal data of our members from our database.

Use of Text and Images

If you would like to publish information that you find on our website, please send a request to info@hwhc.co.uk. Where text or images are posted on our site with the permission of the original copyright holder, a copyright statement appears at the bottom of the page.
We will need to approve any profile pictures which you upload. These pictures will only be used in your online profile. They will not be stored or used by us in any other manner. Please bear in mind that other users may be able to see your profile picture(s) and it’s your responsibility to choose an image you are willing to share with other users.


This website is designed to be accessible to visitors with disabilities, and to be compliant with guidelines concerning accessibility. We welcome your comments. If you have suggestions on how to make the site more accessible, please contact us and we’ll do our best to make adjustments.

Access to the online community


You must be a HWHC member to access the secured online services. Friends cannot access the online directory. By registering online you are actively joining HWHC. Membership to HWHC online requires a valid email address. If you require any further information, please contact us before joining at newjoiners@hwhc.co.uk


  • By using the directory you agree to the terms and conditions listed:
  • You will not share your login details with anyone else, or allow other people to use your login in order to access the online directory.
  • Any business approaches must be targeted to the other member’s interests. You may not make more then one approach to a member, and must mention that you found their contact details on this site.
  • You will not redistribute information, or compile and store it elsewhere.
  • HWHC cannot be held responsible for any errors, omissions or consequential losses or damages as a result of the online database; contact data is revealed on an opt-in only basis and is up to the member’s discretion.

Any use considered to be an abuse of these terms will result in termination of access.

HWHC Groups within the members area

All playing members, past members and social members can join these but we do need to make a note of your contact details on our database in order to let you join; please login to the site to join or email us at newjoiners@hwhc.co.uk for more information.