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Annual Subs

There are two types of membership this season, detailed below.

£340 Regular Membership full payment via BACS transfer by October 5th 2018

£340 Direct Debit Membership 5 payments of £68 from October 2018 to February 2019. Direct debit forms must be received by 27th September 2018 at the very latest. After this date, you will need to pay in full via BACS transfer by October 5th 2018.

To pay for your membership and set-up a Direct Debit please download the form below and email it to membership@hwhc.co.uk

Download Direct Debit Form

Direct Debit dates for the 2018/2019 season are below.

1st October 2018 - £68.00

1st November 2018 - £68.00

1st December 2018 - £68.00

1st January 2019 - £68.00

1st February 2019 - £68.00


If you have not yet registered your interest to become a member please create a profile here so our club captains can get in touch


For any of the below, please contact membership@hwhc.co.uk

I joined the club later in the season, can I have a discount?

Yes, if you joined half way through the season a discount can be arranged.

I left the club, city and country half way through the season, can I have a refund?

Yes, if you left half way through the season a discount will be arranged.

I would like to cancel my membership direct debit, can I do this?

Yes, if you no longer wish to be a member please let us know and cancel your Direct Debit via your bank.

I would like to pay by bank transfer, is this possible?

Yes, please email for bank details.

I don’t come to training and wish to play up to 4 games in a season and see my friends, do I have to pay full membership?

No, we have a membership rate for this, please ask your captain.

I don’t have a slate account, how can I pay match fees?

Please ask to be set up, providing an email address and employment status, and register once you receive an email from Slate.

I don’t have a UK bank account, how can I pay subs?

If you give a team mate the money they can pay on your behalf, please just let us know.

I paid by Direct Debit last year, do I need to send a new Direct Debit form for this year?

We send out a new membership letter to all members every season, if you had a Direct Debit set-up last season this will still be in place unless you have cancelled the instruction from your bank.